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Looking for a way to add a touch of luxury to your garments? Browse our selection of premium fur trims today!  Whether you’re looking for a new fur hood trim or simply want to replace an old one, we have you covered.

Fur trim replacement

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parajumper fur trim
Woolrich fur trim
Moose knuckles fur trim
North Face fur trim
Dsquared fur trim
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Excellent Big Fur Trim Replacements for Your Hood

Frequently Asked Questions

Fur trim hood replacement

There are a few reasons why you would replace fur trim on your hood.

  • One, the fur on your hood will begin to show signs of age and wear out over time. This can make the hood look shabby and worn out.

Replacing the fur with something new will give your hood a fresh look that’ll be more in line with the style of your jacket.

  • Two, the fur on your hood can collect dirt, debris and dust over time. This can cause pilling (textured wear) and damages to the fabric causing it to fray or fray out. Removing this dirty build up will give your hood a more finished look.
  • Third, the fur on your hood can become itchy! If the fur is too rough or begins to feel uncomfortable, then you may want to replace it with something more gentle. 

yes we can, we customize the fur trims to fit your hood perfectly. If you are buying a fur, you can choose a type, color and length that works best with your hood. You can also ask to have the fur fitted or changed if needed. If you are sewing a fur yourself, you can use any type of material and sew it in place using a machine or by hand. It may be hard to get the exact fit, so it is best to have someone do it for you.

It is always good to replace the fur trim on your hood because it will last much longer and look better. Plus, it will be more comfortable to wear.

Here are some reasons why you want to replace the fur trim on your hood:

• The fur will last longer and look better.

• It will be more comfortable to wear.

• You will save money in the long run because you won’t have to replace it as often.  It will look better on your jacket or coat.

The quality of fur-replacement products is usually determined based on three main factors:

  • 1) The quality of the hair fiber used: good hair fiber can give better results in fur-replacement products compared to bad hair fiber.
  • 2) The quality of the hair follicles: good hair follicles are essential for giving realistic results in fur-replacement products. Poorly functioning or degenerated hair follicles can give unnatural results.
  • 3) The quality of the artificial skin: artificial skins used in fur-replacement products must be of high quality, since they are in direct contact with the skin underneath. If they can be visually seen, they are not of good quality.

We offer

-Extreme fur: thick and wavy fur on cats and dogs, high quality fur coats and jackets, scarfs and other accessories.

-Extreme stretchy fur: long thin and flexible scarf, coats and jackets.

-Fur Peacoats and dresses.

-Fur collars.

-Fur caps.

-Hoodies, caps, hoods etc..

-Mink collars with bone charms.

-Fox Collars with bone charms.

-Silver fox collars with bone charms.

-Fox Gloves.

-Samuel wolf gloves leather colors black , dark brown ,light brown..

We are happy to provide you with all kinds of furs in our shop that matches your needs .

Fur replacement is a great way to save money and reduce your environmental footprint. By using fur replacement products, you can reduce the amount of animal fur in your home and still enjoy the luxurious look and feel of real fur. one of the benefits of using fur replacement products include: 

• Animal welfare – By choosing a cruelty-free alternative, you can be sure that animals are being treated properly throughout the production process.

If you are looking for a solution to replace your suede jacket or boot with something better, fur is the answer. fur is luxurious, dry, comfortable, warm and excellent for protection against the cold. It also looks fantastic and is a fashion accessory.

I think fur replacement is the best choice to keep you warm in the cold winter. The main benefits of using fur replacement products are:

– high quality

– all our furs are made in Europe with the highest standards.

– great price – you can get better quality furs for a lower price.

– perfect fit

– our fur products are designed to perfectly match your jacket’s cut.

– stylish look

– wearing a jacket with natural fur gives it a more elegant look.

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